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Medium Intensity Flashing
Red Obstruction Beacon
Hughey & Phillips

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KG114 Medium Intensity Flashing
Red Obstruction Beacon

Compliance and Applications
ETL Certified L-864 (with 700W lamp):
FAA AC 150/5345-43G

Compliant to:
ICAO Annex 14 (Medium Intensity Type B & C)
Transport Canada CAR 621.19
DGAC of Mexico

KG114 flashing red beacons are designed for the lighting of television, radio, communications, microwave, transmission line towers, and other obstructions to aerial navigation as specified by the FAA, FCC, ICAO, DGAC of Mexico and Transport Canada.

The optical system consists of four red Fresnel lenses, designed to provide a definite 360° horizontal beam. The two lamp receptacles are mounted to properly position two 620 or 700 Watt Mogul pre-focus beacon lamps, thus providing correct beam distribution in accordance with FAA and ICAO specifications. A three-terminal connecting block is mounted in the base, allowing each lamp to be individual fed and monitored if desired. Internal wiring is heat-resistant insulated flexible wire that terminates at the connecting block. Unless otherwise ordered, beacons are furnished with a five-foot length of #12-3 conductor Neoprene cable, entering the base through a 1" watertight connector. Conduit may be used by removing the watertight connector and disconnecting the cable.

The KG114 beacon must be used in conjunction with a beacon flasher or tower lighting control in order to achieve the proper flash rate. Hughey & Phillips Series 800 Beacon Flashers provide an economical solution. Hughey & Phillips Mechanical Flashers provide a flasher that is immune to AM tower RF frequencies. Hughey & Phillips 9LC series lighting controls provide the most complete solution. 9LC series lighting controls should be used when several beacons need to flash simultaneously. 9LC controls also include a photocell for automatic day/night operation, and provide alarm contacts for remote monitoring. Specifications on any of the above controls are available from Hughey & Phillips.

• Constructed of heavy aluminum castings with stainless steel hardware and heat resistant Fresnel glass lenses.
• Concave base with drain port at lowest point prevents accumulation of moisture from condensation.
• Neoprene gaskets provide long life under extreme temperatures.
• The beacon is hinged at the center between the upper and lower lens assemblies to provide ready access for inspection and lamp replacement. The hinge rings, butterfly gasket, and locking clamp maintain a weatherproof center seal.

KG114F0001 Red Lens Beacon

LA-21950 Lamp, 120V, 620W
LA-700230 Lamp, 230V, 700W

73-S800BF120 Flasher, 120V
73-S800BF240 Flasher, 230V

WC23012CL0T-XXX Cable (specify length)

Photometric Specifications
Beam Spread: 360° Horizontal, 3° Minimum Vertical
Effective Intensity: >1,600 Candela (ICAO), 2,000 ± 25% (FAA)
Note: Optical specifications per FAA and ICAO guidelines.

Environmental Specifications
Temperature: -55°C to +55°C (-67°F to 130°F)
Humidity: 95% Relative Humidity
• Wind-blown Rain: Exposure to wind-blown rain from any direction.
• Corrosion Resistant: Will withstand salt-laden atmosphere.
• Wind: 240 kph (150 mph)

Mechanical Specifications
Lens: Heat resistant glass, red.
Frame: Cast aluminum with stainless steel
Dimensions: 850mm H x 305mm Dia. (33.5"H x 12" Dia.)
Weight: 33 Kg (73 Pounds)
Mounting Pattern: Quantity 4, 17.5mm (11/16") diameter holes, 90° apart on a 337mm (13.25") bolt circle

Obstruction LIghts
FAA Obstruction Lighting Advisory Circular
FAA Obstruction Lighting Advisory Circular
(AC 70/7460-1L)
Red (FAA Style A)
FAA Style A
(PDF, 560KB)


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