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Obstruction Light
Solar Power System

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Our Solar Power System allows obstruction lights to run with free, renewable energy from the sun. The system is designed as a compact, all-in-one solar system, completely self contained for easy installation. The high efficiency, compact design provides end users with a lightweight, maintenance free power solution, requiring minimal surface area for installation. The system is ideal for remote airstrips where hard-wired infrastructure is unavailable. Every system is custom designed for a specific location to ensure years of trouble-free, solar powered service.

Decreased Costs
With zero electricity costs, simple installation and almost no maintenance, the system quickly realizes long-term cost savings.

Experience = Reliability
With over 25 years experience in designing solar power systems, our solar experts will ensure a system that operates reliably, regardless of the installation location.

Mounting: Side of pole or pole top mount
Weight & Dimensions: 20W = 15" x 16" x 6", 25 lb.; 40W = 31" x 15" x 6" , 50 lb.
Enclosure and Mount: Aluminum

Operating Voltage: 12VDC
Control Options: Self contained photocell; FAA-approved external photocell; Continuous operation
Solar Panel Power: 20 Watts or 40 Watts
Battery Size: 20W = 18 Ah SLA; 40W = 36 Ah SLA (3-5 years)
Certification: CE and TUV certified
Optional Battery Upgrade: 16 Ah Deep Cycle, 32 Ah Deep Cycle Extended life (5-7 years)
Available Housing Colors: Aviation Yellow, White, Olive Drab, Black

Operating Temperature: -55°C to +55°C
Weather Protection: Enclosure is NEMA 4, IP65

Warranty: 5 years on Solar System, 1 year on Battery

L-810 LED



18" Side-Arm Pole Mount
Optional 18" Side-Arm Pole Mount makes for an easy and clean installation. Compatible with 20W and 40W Solar Engines.
Includes mount, 2" collar, 1" NPT union, 1" NPT nipple / 14" long to mount L-810 obstruction light (single or dual).
Model number: SS-SPM-18.


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