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9LC Series
Red Light Controller
Hughey & Phillips

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Compliance and Applications
FAA AC 150/5345-43F, ICAO Annex 14, CAR 621.19

The 9LC Series lighting controller combines the finest in digital circuitry with rugged electromechanical hardware to yield the industry's most comprehensive obstruction lighting controls. Standard models are available for all common FAA and ICAO applications. The 9LCs modular design allows for custom controls for almost any combination of flashing red beacons and sidelights. All models include a NEMA 4 outdoor housing and a calibrated photocell for automatic day/night switching. A photocell override switch is standard on all systems, facilitating troubleshooting or maintenance. All controls provide comprehensive status indicators and alarm contacts for easy connection to remote monitoring systems.

• Controls for multiple beacons - flash all beacons simultaneously per FAA and ICAO specifications.
• Lightning protection provided by:
- Circuit breaker protection to all tower lighting circuits.
- MOV surge suppressors on all inputs, outputs, and photocell lines.
- Toroidal current sensors isolate tower lines from monitoring circuitry.
• Load balance resistor capability is available.
• Modular design allows customization for nearly any application.
• Dozens of models already developed for control of up to 14 beacons.
• Standard with NEMA 4 enclosures (NEMA 4X optional upgrade).

Alarm Contacts / Control Status
• Individual alarm contacts and control status is provided for:
- Control power failure.
- Day/night mode status.
- Each flashing red beacon.
- Each level of steady burning obstruction lights.
- Flasher by-pass alarm/status for each beacon.
• Number of lamps being monitored can easily be changed by setting dip-switches.
• Bi-color red/green LED status indicators provide instant indication of alarm and control status.
• Normally open and normally closed alarm contacts are both available.
• Primary and auxiliary alarm contacts provided.

Note: 9LC Series Red Light Controller will only provide control for incandescent fixtures and Horizon™ Series LED fixtures. Other LED models are not supported.
Horizon L-810 LED
(PDF, 124KB)


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