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HBM 150/2
Airport Rotating Beacon

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Compliance and Applications
FAA: L-801
A/C150/5345-12 (Current Edition)
ICAO: Annex 14, para 5.3.3

L-801 Rotating Beacons are designed primarily for night operation as identification and location markers for airports.

Why Our Airport Rotating Beacon is Better
• Patented belt-drive system eliminates the lubrication required by conventional gear-drive beacons.
• Patented liquid-filled lamp connector, eliminating the slip rings and brushes found on conventional beacons.
• Two 13,000 lumen, 150 watt pulse-start metal-halide lamps.
• 10,000 hour typical lamp life (2-3 years).
• One clear lens, one aviation green lens.
• NO maintenance except lamp replacement.
• All moving parts are permanently lubricated.
• Impedance-protected motor eliminates burnouts.
• Lamps preset 5° above horizontal, adjustable.
• 12 RPM rotation, 24 flashes/minute.
• Weatherproof steel cabinet, powder coated international orange.
• Class I temperature range: -30 to +55°C (-22 to +131°F).
• Class II temperature range: -55 to +55°C (-67 to +131°F).
• Tested to wind velocities of 100 mph.
• Optional photocell and/or tell-tale relay.
• Mountable on a Tipdown Pole.
• Power Consumption: 395W Class I, 795W Class II Beacon Tipdown Pole.
• Manufactured in the USA.

Theory of Operation
The new patented design airport beacon makes it a maintenance free beacon except for changing of the lamps annually. The L-801 beacon has incorporated the use of efficient 150 watt metal-halide lamps coupled with parabolic reflectors. The combination of this light source and the focusing system gives this beacon a powerful beam that can be seen for over 30 miles. In keeping with FAA requirements, the beacon rotates at 12 RPM to produce a total of 24 flashes per minute. It has two lamps mounted 180° apart with one lens clear and the other aviation green. The 150 watt metal-halide lamps have a 2-3 year life span and produce 13,000 lumens. The extended bulb life eliminates the need for a bulb changer system. The beacon heads are factory preset at 5° up elevation.

The patented belt drive motor system helps make this the most trouble-free beacon on the market. The impedance protected motor eliminates the need for a clutch system. The motor does away with costly burnouts because of this impedance protection. The belt drive system eliminates the need for grease on gears and provides smooth, quiet, reliable operation.

The patented electrical power design eliminates the conventional brushes and slip rings that other small beacons require. (Worn out brushes and pitted slip rings are the cause of most beacon failures.)

• Electrical Power: The beacon operates on 120 or 240 VAC, 60hz or 220 or 240 VAC, 50 Hz
• Beacon Housing: Weatherproof steel cabinet.
• Finish: Powder coat painted International Orange.
• The beacon comes with mounting feet and can be adapted to any level mounting surface.
• Optional Mounting: Tower Mount part no. 46-4200-0000, Beacon Tower - contact the Flight Light Sales Department for details.
• Operating Temperature:
Class I -22° to +131°F (-30° to +55°C).
Class II -67° to +131°F (-55° to +55°C).
• Humidity 0 to 100%.
• Wind velocities to 100 mph (161 kph).
• Packaging: Cube Shipping Volume: 48" x 42" x 25" (122 x 107 x 64cm)
• Weight: 150 lbs (68 kg)
• Other Options: Tell-Tale Relay, Photo Cell

L-801A ETL Certification
(PDF, 37KB)

Ordering Code
Fixture Voltage Freq. Class Option
46-L801 1: 120V
2: 240V
5: 50 Hz
6: 60 Hz
1: Class I
(-22°F/-30°C), without heater.
2: Class II
(-67°F/-55°C), with heater.
T: Tell-Tale Relay
Common Replacement Parts
Description Part No.
Ballast Assy 50 Hz 46-0200-0024
Ballast Assy 60 Hz 46-0200-0023
Belt 46-0600-0003
Motor Fuse, 1/2 amp 46-2300-0002
Lamp Fuse, 6.25 amp 46-2300-0010
Lamp, 150 watt pulse-start
Lens, Clear 46-2800-0006
Lens, Green 46-2800-0043
Lens, Amber 46-2800-0025
Lens Clip 46-1500-0011
Lightning Arrestor 46-0000-0000-1
Mounting Bolt Pattern


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