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15KW through 20KW
Constant Current
Dry-Type Regulators
Low, Medium and
High Intensity

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Compliance and Applications

FAA Compliant: AC 150/5345-10F

Flight Light's 15KW through 20KW dry-type saturable reactor network constant current regulators provide precision control of runway lighting series circuits in low, medium and high intensity applications. Because they use SOLA/Hevi-Duty's extremely reliable design and durable magnetic components, our regulators are not susceptible to extraneous signals that cause competing solid state electronic designs to fail. In fact, our units are tested to assure zero interference with radio communications.

Why Our CCR's are Better
Five year limited warranty - the best warranty in the world.
• Super Efficient Energy Saver: Input current is completely dependent on output load.
• Magnetic components are not susceptible to extraneous signals and do not create interference with radio communications.
• Simple design makes it easy to install and virtually maintenance free.
• Excellent current regulation, no load to full load and with up to 30% lamps inoperative. Output current stable within 0.1 amps at any output.
• Power factor exceeds industry standards: more efficient than required by FAA.
• Automatically compensates for -5% to +10% input voltages.
• Input circuit electronically isolated from output circuit.
• Withstands input overvoltage of 120% nominal for 50 milliseconds within one minute intervals.
• Resumes original brightness mode within 1 second of lost input power.
• Not activated by load switching or transients. Positive open-circuit or overcurrent protection automatically trips regulator off-line within 2 seconds, manually resets in less than 1 second.
• Easy access to remote/local control switch.
• No solid state components in series circuit.

• Continuous indoor operation at a temperature range of -40°F to +131°F (-40°C to +55°C).
• Floor mounted, dry-type ventilated enclosure with power components isolated from control functions.
• Integral primary switch.
• Standard 120VAC internally supplied control power for local control.
• Remote control by internal or external sources.
• Direct read output ammeter.
• Output distribution class lightning arrestors.

Regulator Troubleshooting


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