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Constant Current Regulators

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Constant Current Regulators
Flight Light (formerly Hevi-Duty) regulators have over 50 years of field proven service in major airports worldwide. Because regulator reliability is critical, many of these airports specify and accept only Flight Light regulators. Why should you settle for less with your next airport lighting regulator project?

Flight Light regulators utilize magnetic circuitry for unparalleled reliability.

Other benefits include:
• Five year limited warranty - the best warranty in the world.
• Simple installation.
• Long life and easy operation.
• Simple, on-site servicing by airport electricians.
• Maximum protection against ground strikes, lightning transients and other troublesome line disturbances.
• All units are designed and tested for zero radio and communications interference.

Three design types are available. Compact 4 and 7.5 KW dry designs are excellent for low and medium intensity runway/taxiway lighting. The more versatile 10, 15 and 20 KW dry designs are available for low, medium and high intensity operations. For some airports, the larger liquid type designs, 10 through 70 KW, may be best. These are for medium and high intensity applications only.

Today, even though many technological advancements have been made to the units themselves, the unprecedented reliability of Flight Light regulators remains unchanged and unchallenged. Ask for Flight Light: the original Hevi-Duty regulators.

Regulator Instruction Manuals
Please request regulator manuals here
Regulator Troubleshooting

Flight Light Regulator Specification Guide
• All regulators shall conform to specifications for L-828 or L-829 constant current regulators as set forth in FAA advisory circular AC 150/5345-10F (current advisory circular)
• The regulators shall be 60 hertz, single phase and of the following KW size, current, voltage, brightness steps, and catalog numbers.

Qty. KW Cat. Output Input Brightness
Size No. Amps Voltage Steps
(Specification writer to tabulate).

• The 4 and 7.5 KW, 240 nominal volt regulators shall have taps for 250, 240, 230, 220, and 208 volts from which the proper tap may be selected for supply voltages. All other regulators shall have automatic input voltage compensation for -5 to +10% variation.
• All regulators shall be equipped with an integral primary switch; contactor for units below 600 volts and oil switch for higher voltage units.
• All regulators shall be equipped with a remote/local function switch and a direct reading output current ammeter of ±2% accuracy.
• Control power shall be supplied internally for both remote and local control. The remote control system voltage shall be 120VAC. (Or 48 VDC.)
• The regulator must be capable of operation on 'local' control without the remote control cable connected and must be capable of local operation for emergency if remote switch or leads become inoperative.
• The regulator shall not have solid state controls in the series circuit and shall be designed for no radio communications interference.
• Regulators shall be designed to limit transient current peaks without the use of solid state series circuit controls with soft-on feature.
• Regulators shall be magnetic designs. Solid state electronic designs susceptible to extraneous signals are not acceptable.
• Output lightning arrestors shall be provided on all regulators and shall be of the distribution type. 'Door knob' and similar type lightning arrestors are not acceptable.
• All regulators shall be free-standing, floor-mounted types.


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