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High Intensity
Elevated Lights
FAA L-862, L-862E, and L-861SE

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Compliance and Applications
Certified to FAA AC 150/5345-46 Current Edition

These high intensity constant current elevated lights ("HIEL") identify the edge or threshold/end of the runway. The inner lens may be split at 180° to accommodate two colors. The head assembly is mounted on a 1" or 2" diameter riser which is inserted in a frangible coupling.

The HIEL may be mounted on a stake assembly or on an L-867 base with 1935 (1.5") or 1932 (2") baseplates which are sold separately. The light is supplied with an L-823 plug assembly for connection to an L-830 isolation transformer.

• ETL Certification ensures performance.
• One piece outer lens.
• Easy lamp changes through thumbscrew system - no clamp band or inner/outer lens removal.
• Durable powder coat finish lasts longer.
• Threaded 1.5" frangible coupling or optional 2" matches existing baseplates/stakes.
• Actual average lamp life far exceeds 1000 hour rated life for fewer lamp changes.
• Available in increased heights for snow country visibility.

L862 High Intensity Runway Edge Light
This fixture is designed for runway edge lighting and for a number of bidirectional and unidirectional applications.

L862E High Intensity Threshold/End Light***
Red/green (R/G) or green/red (G/R) outer lenses with clear inner lenses present a line of red light to mark the end of runway for departing aircraft and simultaneously mark the threshold by aiming green light at the center of the incoming flight path.

L861SE High Intensity Threshold Light
This fixture is designed specifically to mark the thresholds of medium intensity VFR runways, using red and green inner lenses and a clear outer lens. It is also appropriate to mark the perimeter of constant current powered heliports.

* Toe direction must be specified. Looking at the fixture from the runway centerline, the color on the left is listed first, followed by the color on the right.
** Not certified (certified with lowest wattage lamp).
*** L862E is not FAA certified.

Shipping weight: 4.5 lb./2 kilo. , Volume: 0.4 cu. feet/.01 cu. meters


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